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Swiss Alpine Adventure

Swiss Alpine Adventure started shortly after our founder, Dave, moved to Switzerland and started to spend more and more time exploring the Alps on his mountain bike. Before long people started to join him on his adventures and a community started to grow. Now, almost 15 years down the road Swiss Alpine Adventure has organised more than 1000 outdoor sports events and attracted more than 3500 members to our meetup group.

Our community is not about performance, race results or proving yourself. It’s not about being the first to the top of a climb or being the fastest down a trail. It’s about sharing the childhood wonderment we once had when we learned how to turn the pedals on our bike.

For many of us, bikes gave us our first taste of independence and the freedom to explore our own neighbourhood. It’s exactly this sense of adventure we want our members to find again. We want to wake up your inner childlike curiosity and ask what is on the other side of that hill or around the next corner.

Swiss Alpine Adventure wants you to “Enjoy the Ride” and share it with friends. There is no proving anything in terms of fitness or performance. On any activity, our main philosophies are that no-one gets left behind and activities are at a sociable pace. Our aim is to have everyone finish the day with a smile on their face.

Over the years Swiss Alpine Adventure has grown and in winter we now have at least as many activities as in summer. Since 2010 we have been organising avalanche safety training, one-day skitours and a number of off-piste weekends. Once again the focus is on the participation and enjoyment rather than the performance.

More recently, we have also been getting out on the lakes of Switzerland thanks to our partner Wannabe Watersports. Activities such as Stand Up Paddle, Sailing and Windsurfing can now also be found on our calendar. So if you like any sort of outdoor sports you should find something on our calendar that might interest you.

For the most up-to-date news on what we are up to follow our Facebook page. If you’d like to join us on our adventures then check out our events page.

Enjoy the Ride

Swiss Alpine Adventure is not your average outdoor sports community. We started out taking the traditional cycling club philosophy and breaking the mould. Our goal is to create a community which is not about performance, race results or proving yourself to anyone. It’s not about being the first to the top of a climb or being the fastest down a trail, it's about sharing the childhood wonderment we all once had when we learned how to turn the pedals on our first bike.



Dave is an Irishman, according to some members probably the only Irishman who doesn't drink Guinness, whiskey or in fact any other alcohol at all. Dave's background is in windsurfing, he is an accomplished watersports enthusiast who has windsurfed all over the world in locations such as Hawaii, Brazil, & Cape Verde to name a few. Dave is also an experienced watersports instructor with a passion for all outdoor sports.

Dave moved to Switzerland in 2004 to work in a large Orthopaedic Hospital in Zurich. Being a land locked country Switzerland could not offer the same challenges as the Irish or Hawaiian coast when windsurfing, but not being one to sit around he started to explore the stunning Swiss Alps and found a unique culture of outdoor sports on offer. Mountain biking as we know it today in the area was in it's infancy but has since grown at an exponential rate with the backing of tourism and some awesome trails on offer. It wasn't long before friends and friends of friends started to come along for the ride and hence Swiss Alpine Adventure (SAA) was born.

Dave now runs SAA in his spare time which has grown to over 3000 members, he is not only a qualified Swiss Mountain bike guide but has also worked as a Mountain Bike Guide instructor and examiner for Swiss Cycling.

In winter the club has now expanded into what the Alps is most famous for, winter sports. The club uses qualified organisations to lead all sorts of winter activities.



Mountain Guide

If you've joined one of our winter or high alpine events in the last few years you have met Walter. Walter fits the stereotype of a Swiss Mountain Guide perfectly. He is reliable, highly skilled and completely at home in the mountains. Walters calm nature makes us feel at home in the mountains with him and his desire to share his passion for the mountains and his home country with us is very much appreciated.

Walter leads our weekly ski tours in winter and our high alpine summer events such as glacier trekking and introduction to mountaineering.



Event Planner

Karin grew up in the mountains and on the lakes of Switzerland, learning to ski around the same time she learned how to walk and regularly enjoys showing Dave up when we get out in the snow.

Karin is also an accomplished sailor and when she is not playing in the mountains she can be found sailing her Dart 18 Catamaran on lake Zug or competing in National and International Regattas.

Karin helps organise and develop all new events that we have on the calendar and is our link for dealing with local intricasies. She has also been intrumental in helping us get watersports events and in particular sailing on the agenda.

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